The Best Card Games to Play With Friends

The Best Card Games to Play With Friends

Taking out a deck or two of cards and playing a few different card games with your friends can be a lot of fun – but only if you know the best games to play and the rules around each of them. There are many different variations of games out there, ranging from a classic Go Fish to blackjack. Certain games are more suitable for larger groups and other games are perfect for just two. Depending on the level of concentration and competition you wish to create around the card table, plus the number of people available to play should help determine which game you go for. 

This article aims to shed light on how you can find the best card games out there, offer suggestions on the most exciting ones to play at your next card-game rendezvous and general rules around the games.  

First, Practice Online

One of the most efficient ways to find some of the most exciting card games is by visiting online platforms with great options. This is a quick and easy way to test through a wide variety of card games until you find the one you enjoy most. Many card games can be found on online casino sites, offering a diverse assortment of card games and other thrilling games you might want to engage with. Who knows, you might just dive into the world of online casino games and find activities beyond card games that interest you. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of games available online, you can always take to reviews to help ease that journey for you. For example, if you stumble upon Spin Casino and you’re not sure if the operator is what you’re looking for, then take a read through an in-depth review of Spin Casino so that you might find helpful information from previous players and industry experts. Spin Casino offers a large variety of games, not limited to but including some card games like blackjack and poker, making this a great way to get your card game juices flowing before choosing a game that you really want to introduce to your friends at game night.

Go Fish

The aim of Go Fish is to acquire as many cards as you can. This is rather different from other card games, where the goal is usually to get rid of all your cards. This is a fun game to play for three or more players. Typically if it’s under four players, each person receives seven cards. However, if there are more than that, then each player should get five cards. It typically starts in a clockwise position but it doesn’t really matter, as long as the players stick to the same rule. Players then need to ask for a card and the person next to them either has to hand it over if they have it, or they have to say ‘Go Fish’ which is when that player would need to pick up a card from what is known as the ‘pool’ which is the remaining cards that are left unturned. Players typically pop sets they have achieved in front of them, as a sign of them achieving well in the game and so that they do not have so many cards in their hands at once. The game typically ends when the pool runs out. 


This is a great game to play either with two or more. Usually, you cannot play with more than six players as two decks of cards cover only six players. Each person usually gets seven to eleven cards to start with. If you are playing in a smaller group, then you can go with eleven and if a larger group then go with seven. The aim here is to get rid of your cards as fast as possible, however, it’s not as easy as Go Fish as you do need to consider certain factors. The first thing is that you aim to create as many sets as possible. This can either be through ascending or descending sets of the same house, or sets of the same numbers from different houses. Cards between two and nine and worth 5 points and the others are worth ten points. You need to come up with 30 points to place cards down and get them out of your hands. You want to get rid of all your cards as possible and opening quickly is a great way of doing this, plus it allows you to take the cards from others who are open, should you have a joker to spare. The person who wins is determined actually by what the players agree on. It can either be the person with the most points or simply the person who gets rid of their cards the fastest. Just don’t forget that if a player finishes first and you are left with cards in your hands, these cards count against you in negative points. 


There are many different types of card games out there. Some are better suited for smaller groups and others are more enjoyable with a larger number of players. Once you get into the game and start understanding the rules, you will feel more comfortable explaining it to others and the games will get faster and more heated as time passes. Of these games mentioned above, which do you think you will be starting with today?

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